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Autumn Sep 2011

An encounter with the Red-breasted Flycatcher.

Catching a dry autumn day to stroll in Mocketts Wood through its various paths when the leaves are turning, can be most rewarding. Now that we are into September I am reminded of an occasion, a few years ago, of attentively listening to the drumming of a woodpecker; this noise is not, by the way, the bird making its whole into the tree, but the sound of sending a message out to others is in courtship. This time a loud, repetitious “tsit, tsit,” directed my attention to a beech tree, halfway up in the canopy where a tiny red breasted bird seemed to be telling me that I was not wanted there!!
Anxious to discover who the little visiter was, I hasten home to my bird of book which told me many interesting facts about this scarce migrant which visits our woodlands for only two months of the year.
We have been disappointed this summer at the lack of schools responding to our invitation to lead parties around the wood, likely we think, due to an increase in demands upon teachers time.
A visit to Mocketts Wood in June however, was much enjoyed by children and escorting adults from Upton School and our thanks are due to this admirably organised school trip planned by the leader of an environmental group there. One child recognise a dunnock from a picture display! It is likely that children living near seaside towns have a natural propensity to spend their leisure time ‘on the sands’. It would seem desirable therefore to balance this situation with visits to the countryside.
We have here an admirable site situated off the Canterbury Road. VISIT MONKTON NATURE RESERVE. Log on to Thanet Countryside Trust founded 1971
at or phone; 01843 82266.
A must for wildlife and a must for children.
How about a membership with the RSPB. Wildlife Explorers, junior membership of the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds as a Christmas present this year?


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