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Meadow Land & The Sea Scouts

Adjoining Mockett’s Wood is a piece of land surrounded by concrete posts and  chain link fencing.

 This land was a section of the original meadow with with it’s flora and fauna.

 In 2002, after many objections this approximately half acre was leased for 99 years with building permission to a local Sea Scout group.  The event was immediately followed by a ‘scorched earth policy’ of unusual intensity, bulldozing the site of every shred of vegetation. This was carried out by the group who then constructed a fence with concrete posts and padlocked gates. After seven years the broken down gates have allowed the area to assume the proportions of a rubbish dump.

 Intervening years have hopefully enlightened people to the importance of preserving what we can of such small habitats in the Natural World.  Friends of Mockett’s Wood earnestly hope that this large building plan will be rescinded and a more suitable place found elsewhere for the Scout group.

Meadow in 2001 

As it is now - May 2009