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Summer - June 2012
A perfect antidote to post-exam blues
 Over the Spring large sacks of Ivy have been taken away to the tip by an arrangement with Rex. This intensive effort being the result of several visits by Adam concentrating on some of the worst affected places in the wood. In this case the path on the eastern side.
After the largest influx of Alexander weed ever, at last we should see its demise - till next spring! Work is continuing over this path to keep it in ‘navigable.’ Additionally it does have some interesting plant life, see the Woodland Broom, increasing as a result, of more light reaching the pathway! Do remember, birdwatchers, that mornings are the best time for this; the threatened butterfly population still has a place there too.

It was our pleasure recently to escort a student who had written to us from the University of Kent, Canterbury, asking for information. She was doing an MSc in Conservation and Rural Development.

In order to encourage more of the help that is needed to keep Mocketts Wood from falling into neglect, we intend to arrange an open day some time over the summer. Watch here for the date.