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An introdution for youngsters to the natural world
In 2001

Baby hedgehogs made a special appearance at an event to encourage children to look after the natural world.
As well as being shown the methods behind composting and how to make a beehive, young people were able to paint and take part in quizzes.
The event, at St Peter's Church hall, was organized by the Friends of Mockett's Wood. Secretary Joyce McCoy said: "The children were very enthusiastic.
Each of the organizations put on something that would interest and encourage them."
The event was opened by Vera Elliot of Sustainability Actions.
Organizations at the event included the RSPB, Kent Wildlife Trust, Sandwich Bay Bird Observatory, Thanet Coastal Project, Thanet Countryside Trust, Thanet Bee Keepers, Montifoire Action Group, Rotters Group (TDC Composting) and Herbs Gardens & Health (Wild Gardens)